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Our way of thinking about the kitchen is oriented towards a design that is multifaceted and declinable according to the needs of those who live it, as well as always functional, because for us the well-being and needs of the person are the heart of what we create.


The shape and materiality of the doors, built and covered with ceramic fiber plates from the Deckton by Cosentino house, are designed to facilitate grip and opening without handles, while allowing maximum aesthetic cleanliness and ease of use.


Expressive energy and distinctiveness are in perfect sync: it is possible to characterize the aesthetics of the kitchen thanks to the choice of the thickness of the top, the type of groove, the profiles with different color solutions and their combinations, and through the different applicable and replaceable materials.


Given the strong reduction in the total amount of material used, in addition to the choice of eco-tech finishes, this kitchen concept is also an extremely eco-friendly solution, designed for those who pay maximum attention to their own well-being, but also to harmony with the 'natural environment. Sustainable and innovative at the same time.

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