aims to introduce a new approach to architecture and design, which is able to exploit all the possibilities offered by a design that is attentive to the environmental context and is able to make the best use of renewable energy, sustainable technologies and highly innovative construction solutions.

Among thousands of teams from all over the world, IAS Atelier managed to rank among the finalists of the “Vale de Moses” competition, which required the design of a meditation cabin for a Yoga center in the Vale de Moses in Portugal.

The success has stimulated the team to open its own workspace, a stone's throw from the Colosseum in Rome, which today has become a meeting place for students and recent graduates who share a passion for architecture and try their hand at product design through the use of recycled materials. .

"Whatever the project we are working on, our goal is always to create works that can leave an imprint on the morphology of the contemporary city."

Let’s Work Together

Via Acciaioli 7, 00186 Rome

Tel: 3518575297

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