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Eco del mare bathhouse



Renovation and redevelopment project for the Eco del Mare plant in Santa Severa, located along the Roman coast. The project wanted to preserve the original structure as much as possible, limiting the dismantling and reconstruction interventions. In the first phase of the project, the work flows of the plant were analyzed to frame the sectors on which to intervene to ensure an improvement in the working conditions of the staff, and to manage the flows of people within the plant during the season. of opening. Through the insertion of an architectural backdrop, through the use of a bamboo straw with a diameter of 70 mm, the various flows have been separated, giving a natural and sustainable character to the structure without the use of partitions or vertical closures that would have involved a visual closure of the spaces, thus limiting the panoramic view of the establishment. The horizontal bamboo slats have the role of resuming the horizontality of the horizon and the beach, creating elements in complete harmony with the space in which they are inserted. Thanks to a distribution study of the activity, the circulation flows in the restaurant and bar area have been changed. As regards the distribution of spaces, on the ground floor we find the information center, an office for the staff, a refreshment area, with its relative accommodation for users, a rest lounge for visitors to the air and the toilets. , all arranged in a circular way around the lift room which represents the pivot on which all the rooms rotate.

On the first level, on the other hand, there is a first panoramic terrace, which guarantees visitors to be able to experience a first outdoor space, equipped with several seats, before arriving on the main panoramic terrace. The parapets were created through the arrangement of steel uprights, interspersed with three tie rods, which manifest the intention of maintaining visual freedom, both for the users of the route and from the outside, allowing complete visibility of the entire landscape.

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