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Rome Architecture Festival-2021



On the occasion of the Rome Architecture Festival SPAM 03 - IAS Atelier conceived, designed and created an installation in the name of sustainability for the users of the event, called the "Container Project". The Container Project was created to create a new multitasking space, with the characteristics necessary to deal with the new social conditions to which we are subjected, thinking of an installation divided into two areas: an external one dedicated to exhibitions, cultural itineraries or in any case " movement ”and an internal one conceived as a space used for social meetings, interviews and debates regarding the issues dealt with by any event, place or public space in which the work will be placed. The structure helps to facilitate the assembly of the exhibition stands through the composition and assembly of modules on site, guaranteeing spatial, formal and use flexibility, adapting to spaces of various sizes. The versatility of the structure, generates the possibility of creating paths and rooms in an immediate and intuitive way, allows both external and internal uses, allocating them to congress areas, logistics and sales areas through an eco-sustainable material. The installation is visually permeable thanks to the hollowed out modules, which will collaborate with the visual pleasure of the whole. Fundamental issues such as visibility, ease of use, accessibility are taken into consideration. The purpose of the structure is to provide an offer that can be reproduced in series that does not constrain aesthetic and functional choices dedicated to the perfect use of the system. All made possible through the creation of a vertical structure (in pressed cardboard) which binds the hexagonal modules to both horizontal and vertical thrusts, actively collaborating with the hexagonal modules also thanks to the formal performance of the polygon. The structure for "SPAM 03" will lend itself to hosting debates, interviews, comparisons and reasoning on inventions together with the guests who will make up the festival, who will touch on 7 issues relating to architecture, design and sustainability, offering their opinion to the festival.


The sponsors who contributed to the construction of the structure for the SPAM03 Rome Architecture Festival are:

  • Technical sponsor for the construction of the cardboard construction module: SiEnergie s.r.l.

  • Technical sponsor for the supply of lighting fixtures: Led Lighting by Salvatore Di Giovanna

  • Structure sponsor: Albero by Dirac s.r.l. - Make Shape s.r.l.s. - LABO Architects & Inventors

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