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living on Mars



Settling in a respectful way within a space is one of the fundamental objectives, to which every architect aspires with the design of a work. Elements of an architecture that are different from each other can have a significant influence on the way of perception of places, and it is up to the designer to have a design instinct aware of the perceptual dynamics that we face every time we immerse ourselves in a place, whether it is new to us or it for us that of every day.


In this case, IAS Atelier and LABO Architects & Inventors, did not design in a space, but in space, on Mars to be precise. They have devised a housing complex, equipped with technological solutions that would allow terrestrial inventions to be more effective on the red planet.


The project is characterized by the total integration of the casings within the ground, disappearing and interacting with the Martian dunes through modular domes that contain the patented technology of the PAC system (Patent Aeraulic Component), aeraulic blades intended for building envelopes, positioned on the roof, which exploit the powerful winds, for the production and accumulation of aeraulic energy.


The houses are also able to move vertically to make the most of the windy currents, and to allow access to them. The modularity that composes them guarantees multiple measures for each home, connected to the large central module, nucleus and gathering space of the inhabitants, thus ensuring an interaction between them.


Keeping life below the zero altitude of the ground concludes the starting concept, that is to integrate both the envelopes within the ground in the best possible way, but also to integrate the whole community, respecting the Martian morphology, but at the same time bringing a style of terrestrial life.

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