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In the consulting project of the IAS Atelier for Dirac s.r.l. , the creative team has been involved in rethinking the design of the central core of the Albero Air purifier, creating a better product from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The operating mechanism of the purifier is based on the following steps:

  • The first phase is that of suction which takes place through a fan, thanks to which Albero sucks the air inside its reactor.

  • In the second step, all the larger particles inside the nanotechnology filter are captured through pre-filtering. In the third stage the filter is activated by UV light and the air is completely purified quickly, quietly and efficiently.

  • In the last phase, Tree releases harmless molecules into the air, freeing us from domestic pollution in a few minutes. Thanks to the use of an analysis software, Albero measures the air quality after the photocatalytic treatment. The data is sent to central servers, where it will be analyzed and sent back to the user.


The first analysis by the IAS Atelier team was carried out on the drawer containing the nano technological filter for air filtering, on which the team went to work, re-weighing its ergonomics and its parts, creating a new, more functional and functional element. more aesthetically attractive and in line with the product.


The redesign of the filter holder container has involved a remodularization of the entire core, in a proportional and more functional way from the point of view of putting the product into production, resulting in lower construction costs and greater aesthetic consistency. Based on the analyzes carried out, it was decided to rethink the design of the upper grille, for the air outlet, originally based on a simple functional aspect, which, due to extra-European constraints, involved weaknesses for the export of the product. in the United States of America.

fotoinserimento albero space.jpg

In order to satisfy the technical constraints of the product, the IAS Atelier intervened through the use of a micro-perforated aluminum grid, and the respective sliding of the entire element to allow a greater quantity of air expulsion from the internal suction duct.

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