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antique living concept



Furnishing project for an apartment located on the attic floor, in the Parioli area of ​​Rome. The team of creative directors worked on the preparation of an open space living room and kitchen that could keep the two rooms in contact by limiting the use of partition walls between the rooms.


The project involved a dismantling of the current terracotta flooring through the use of a Hungarian herringbone parquet in brushed oak, giving a warmth to the rooms of the house, which could be in line with the warm tones of the furniture prepared by the customer.


Along the living room wall, we thought about the preparation of a slat cladding made through the use of chromed metal sheets, guaranteeing an increase in the spatial depth of the apartment and creating a contrast in the same way with the warm tones of the flooring. The wall has developed through the alternation of cold LED lamps to ensure good lighting of the environment, and a dynamism of the space thanks to the use of these alternating engravings of different sizes. In the hallway space for reaching the sleeping area, given the client's desire to exploit the spaces of use of the house to obtain workstations, we went to intervene by exploiting each small room for a specific function.


Given the new ways of working born in this period of pandemic, not having the need for space for the insertion of more workstations inside the bedrooms, it was decided to create a niche to obtain a workstation. remotely that could guarantee greater privacy and confidentiality from the central living areas inside the house, thus responding to the need requested by the client.

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